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About UAE National Anti-Doping Agency

It is a consultative, regulatory and executive body affiliated with the general authority of sport. It is a specialized reference in all matters related to doping control at the national level. It has its legal identity and the power to represent the UAE in international events under authorization from WADA. As the UAE National Anti-Doping Agency, NADA is responsible for implementing anti-doping programs consistent with international requirements and UAE sports legislation. Our vision is to promote clean and fair sport all around the United Arab Emirates. And our purpose is to protect the health of athletes in the UAE by reducing the danger of doping to the minimum.

We seek to achieve our purpose by collecting and evaluating information about the doping environment in the UAE, using insights to determine what procedures will be the most effective. UAE NADA also decides what interventions should be implemented in focus areas; we aim at engagement, deterrence and detection. It is vested with the main authority and responsibility to adopt and implement anti-doping rules, direct the collection of Samples, the management of test results, and the conduct of hearings, all at the national level. By the authority conferred to us, we are required to collect, store and use a variety of athlete personal information.