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Parents' Guide to Support Clean Sport

Athletes parents play a pivotal role in encouraging them to play a clean sport and make healthy choices when it comes to nutrition and dietary supplements. Many advertisements about energy drinks, protein shakes, and other supplements lure young athletes by promising them to turn into sports stars quickly. It is the parents' role to ensure that athletes are set up for success in sport and in life by making healthy choices with their children.

Parents must educate themselves about nutrition and explain that all the benefits of supplements are often better secured through foods, which are the safer and more reliable way for athletes to get the nutrients they need. If parents are not well-equipped with the required knowledge about nutrition, they can encourage athletes to consult with a medical professional and identify nutrient deficiencies and also how to avoid risky supplements.

The role of parents is not only limited to athletes' health. They must give a hand in fostering clean sport ethics into the spirit of their children. In addition, parents can help athletes adhere to clean sport ethics and accept sanctions if they violate the rules. It is critical for  parents to help their children achieve their sporting goals, while also teaching them respect for and appreciation of the true spirit of sport. UAE NADA recognizes the role parents can play in shaping the mentality of athletes to abide by the international standards of a doping-free sport.

Let us collaborate in preventing the use of performance enhancing drugs.

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