Anti Doping Program - Parents Zone

Parents' Guide to Support Clean Sport


When it comes to anti-doping, parents have a vital role in helping their child be clean and stay clean.

Parents must be aware about nutrition and explain that all the benefits of supplements are often better secured through foods, which are the safer and more reliable way for athletes to get the nutrients they need. The role of parents is not only limited to athletes' health. They can help athletes adhere to clean sport ethics and accept sanctions if they violate the rules. There are some rules that also apply to parents in terms of maybe knowingly providing them with a supplement which contains a banned substance, for example, or tampering in any part of the process.

It is critical for parents to help their children achieve their sporting goals, while also teaching them respect for and appreciation of the true spirit of sport.

Parents, carers and guardians can be a great support to athletes along the way.

Parents need to understand what this means and how it impacts their child.

Let us collaborate in preventing doping in sport.

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