Medications - Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE)

TUE Application Process

Determine if a TUE is Needed

If you determined that a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) is needed, please follow the steps below to complete the TUE application.

What is the status of the substance or method ?

Permitted substance or method, You are free to take the substance or use the method and no exemption is required(Read the supplement warning). Prohibited substance or method, Discuss with your doctor if there is a permitted alternative, if not. Proceed to step 2.

Login/Register Process

Non-registered players should use the Register link to complete the registration.

Registered players should use the Login page to the application.

Download the appropriate TUE Application
Download Your Form

You will have to download the TUE form and take the print out and proceed to step 4.

Complete the form with your doctor

Ask your doctor to complete all the fields on the form.
Once the details are updated, you will have to upload all the Medical reports, Diagnostic reports etc..
to avoid incomplete application and submit the application online.

Pay required fees

Complete the TUE application request by making the associated payments online.
Kindly note that the application will be submitted to the TUE committee post the payments.

Review your status

Once the payment is successful, the TUE committee shall review your application.
You can login to check your application progress.
The application will be processed within 21 days.
Please feel free to reach us for any clarifications.


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Review your status

Once the payment is successful, the TUE committee shall review your application.
You can login to the system to understand the status of your application.
The application will be processed within 02 to 04 working days.

Please feel free to reach us for any clarifications:


Fax : +971 4265 9997

Athletes, like all other people, may have an illness or a condition which needs treatment or requires them to take a medication. If the required medication falls under the Prohibited List, then a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) is a must. A TUE is an authorization for the athlete to take the needed medicine, for therapeutic purposes only.

TUE approval certainly protects athletes from receiving a sanction if a prohibited substance is found in their sample when they are tested.

The criteria for granting a TUE

An athlete can be given a TUE if they are able to show that each of the following conditions is met (for more details, please refer to the WADA International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (ISTUE) Article 4.1)

  • The athlete has a clear diagnosed medical condition which requires treatment using a prohibited substance or method.
  • The therapeutic use of the substance would not produce significant enhancement of performance beyond the athlete’s normal state of health.
  • There is no reasonable therapeutic alternative to the use of the prohibited substance or method.
  • The necessity to use that substance or method is not the consequence of the prior use (without a TUE), of a substance or method which was prohibited at the time of use.

How to apply for TUE

TUEs are sumbitted to UAE NADA which will refer to TUE medical committee, considering all criteria and ensuring there is no unfair advantage given to the athlete by taking the substance or using the method.

When an athlete applies for a TUE, their doctor plays a major role in supplying the medical information necessary for the approval of a TUE.

UAE NADA Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee (TUEC) depends  on the information supplied by the athlete's doctor to make the decision if the athlete's file meets the medical criteria set by the World Anti-Doping Agency. If an athlete's application has been returned to them because it is incomplete, they will receive instructions by the TUEC on what additional information is needed to make it a complete application.

Retroactive TUE

An athelete can apply for a retroactive application if:

  • You required emergency or urgent treatment of a medical condition.
  • There was insufficient time, opportunity or other exceptional circumstances that prevented you from submitting the TUE application, or having it evaluated, before getting tested.
  • As per our UAE NADA anti-doping rules you were not permitted or required to apply in advance for a TUE.
  • You are a lower level athlete who is not under the jurisdiction of an International Federation or National Anti-Doping Organization and were tested.
  • You tested positive after using a substance Out-of-Competition that was only prohibited In-Competition (for example glucocorticoids).

In rare and exceptional circumstances and notwithstanding any other provision in the ISTUE, you may apply for and be granted retroactive approval for a therapeutic use of a prohibited substance or method, if considering the purpose of the Code, it would be manifestly unfair not to grant a retroactive TUE.

This unique retroactive TUE will only be granted with the prior approval of WADA (and WADA may in its absolute discretion agree with or reject the UAE NADA’s decision).

Important note

Using a prohibited substance or method without a TUE could result in an Anti-Doping Rule Violation.

In case an application for a retroactive TUE is necessary following sample collection, you are advised to have a medical file prepared and ready to submit for evaluation.

You should declare any medication you are taking on your doping control form.