Anti Doping Program - Athletes Zone

Be True

Great athletes work so hard to be the best of the best. You do not want others who cheat to win the glory which you believe you have got what it takes. You want to compete in clean sport.

Anti-doping is both a question of health and ethics. Substances which enhance performance in the sports field can be dangerous and even deadly. Athletes who dope endanger their own health and crave to win over their competitors unfairly. They have a do-or-die attitude which violates the values of clean sport.

With our insights, we work together with UAE athletes to promote the importance of clean sport. Fight for clean sport with UAE NADA. We are all responsible. Be ready to take a stand for true sport. Let's work hand in hand. Make a difference and learn how to Play True by educating yourself because clean sport matters to you and to us.

Being an athlete, certain responsibilities and roles fall on your shoulders. You are strictly responsible for what you eat and drink. You must also be ready for sample collection and you have to inform UAE NADA about your whereabouts. You are not only an athlete, you are a role model.

WADA 2020 Prohibited List

The New 2020 List of Prohibited Substances & Methods in Sports. Updated Annually, the 2020 Entered in Force on 1 January 2020.

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Doping Control Process

From the time of notification to the end of the doping control process, you will be accompanied at all times.

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