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Getting ill is okay, it happens. Failing a test because you took a medication that contained a prohibited substance is not okay. In fact, it is avoidable.

Athletes must check that any medication they use does not contain any prohibited substances.

Not knowing is not an excuse. There is no sympathy for carelessness.


  • There is no guarantee that any supplement product is free from banned substances.
  • You are strongly advised to be very cautious if you choose to use any supplement product.
  • You must undertake thorough internet research of any supplement products before use, including the name of the product and the ingredients/substances listed.

What are the risks?

  • Supplements can contain banned substances.
  • Contamination (where banned substances are accidentally mixed in with the supplement) can occur during the manufacturing process.
  • Ingredients on the label may be listed differently to how they are shown on the Prohibited List.
  • Supplements may be sold as counterfeit products.
  • The risk of fake supplement products is greatest when buying over the internet.
  • A label saying ‘Safe for Sports People’, or ‘Approved by WADA or UAE NADA’ is meaningless. WADA and UAE NADA do not approve any supplement products.

Our advice

Before you take a supplement you should:

  • Assess the need - all athletes should seek advice from a medical professional or nutritionist on their need to use supplement products.

  • Assess the risk - undertake thorough research of all supplement products you are considering taking.

  • Assess the consequences - you could receive a four-year ban.

The easiest way to check the prohibited status of medications is to visit