Anti Doping Program - Coaches Zone

Coaches Responsibilities

Coaches undoubtedly have a tremendous influence on today's young athletes because they spend more time with players than teachers and parents. Coaches impart their expertise and guidance to athletes who in turn trust them. For this reason, coaches do have a significant ability to influence their players to adhere to anti-doping programs.

The World Anti-Doping Code recognizes this influence of coaches upon the youth, and as such outlines their roles and responsibilities to help athletes engage in a doping free competition. Coaches bear the responsibility to observe and uphold the regulations outlined by the Code.

Under the Code, coaches have the following roles and responsibilities:

1. Know and comply with the main anti-doping topics, including the WADA Prohibited List, the sample collection process, and therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs).

2. Help athletes with their testing programs, such as helping them file their whereabouts accurately or encouraging them to cooperate in completing the sample collection process effectively.

3. Play their part in fighting for clean sport by emphasizing the fact that competing clean is more important than winning at all costs.

A coach's role extends far beyond just helping an athlete master a sport.