Anti Doping Program - Education

The United Arab Emirates National Anti-Doping Agency coordinates local Anti-Doping activities through promoting values-based education targeted at young athletes, coaches, doctors and parents to engage them all to raise their awareness on the dangers as well as the legal and social consequences of doping. A range of UAE National Anti-Doping educational resources are accessible to all members of UAE sporting community in order to contribute to protecting our national sporting integrity. Our anti-doping education resources are available for individuals, clubs, schools, and national sporting organizations. UAE NADA strives to build awareness of athletes' obligations regarding anti-doping, our educational resources empower athletes and people to be aware of the dangers of doping and to promote the spirit of "Clean Sport".

UAE NADA provides athletes with the opportunity to learn about the key areas of anti-doping such as prohibited substances and methods, Therapeutic Use Exemptions, and doping control. All members of UAE sporting community are encouraged to benefit from our educational materials to educate themselves about anti-doping essentials.

Our website offers free and easy-to-use online education resources and learning materials which cover advanced topics in anti-doping if you are interested in gaining more insights. Athletes can learn about nutrition and food supplements. They also learn the importance of making ethical decisions by comprehending the values and principles of playing clean sports. UAE NADA builds athletes' awareness of their obligations in anti-doping.

UAE NADA currently delivers its educational program to the sporting community through webinars, video and print materials.

Members of the sporting community are encouraged to visit WADA website additional international educational tools through ADeL (The Anti-Doping e-Learning platform) which offers access to all topics related to clean sport and anti-doping.

There is a list of all the substances and methods which are prohibited. Using any of these substances or methods is called doping. Doping is prohibited and sanctioned. A sanction can go from a reprimand all the way to never being allowed to compete in your sport again.

What’s at risk? Almost all medications have side effects, but taking them when your body doesn’t need them can cause serious damage to your body and DESTROY your athletic career.

UAE NADA promotes and protects the integrity of sport and the health of Para athletes. To ensure a level playing field for all athletes in the sport, UAE NADA is bound by and complies fully with the World Para Athletics Anti-Doping Code.