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Privacy and Security Policy
You are hereby agreeing on the fact that you will be using this site as per UAE laws and the terms of use listed below By UAE National Anti-Doping Agency.
UAE National Anti-Doping Agency has the right to add, modify, or discard any of the terms without further notice. UAE National Anti-Doping Agency obtain the right to take any procedures it claims necessary to prevent any data loss, or malfunctioning, or to change any information available on its website.
  • When providing UAE National Anti-Doping Agency with you information while registering at its site you herby declare that you will provide accurate and complete information.
  • UAE National Anti-Doping Agency is to keep all the registrar’s information confidential, that include, but not limited to, Job seekers, hiring companies, cooperative institutes, guidance pro​gram registrars.
  • UAE National Anti-Doping Agency has the right to announce names of the registrars in cases of being approached by a Legal authority.
  • Any act of identity theft either by claiming you are a certain user and/or providing falsified information when registering as a user and/or claiming that you represent UAE National Anti-Doping Agency authority itself while you are not is a federal crime that the person responsible will be prosecuted for as per the laws of the United Arab Emirates.​
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